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Bamboo Pendant Lamp (3)


Change the decor of your room & kitchen with a vertigo bamboo pendant lamp to create certain focal points that act as a point of attraction. Our range of various assorted pendants is thoughtfully created to be both decorative as well as practical. The timeless pieces of light fixtures complement a range of patterns and styles from contemporary to classic. 

Pendants help add style to your room during the day and night as they transform the mood of your room. By adding the best pieces of light fixtures you can change the entire vibe of your room. Our unparalleled and innovative pendant lampshade captivates everyone’s gestures and helps form a focal spot within the place, as well as staying diverse and adaptable in instantly changing from dim to bright light. 


Now transform your room into a mini beach with bamboo weaving seashell pendant light fixtures. Seashell pendant light fixtures can help transform your room’s entire decor and make it look much more Bohemian and contemporary. This bamboo light fixture can be used in your living room, porch, mini balcony, bedroom, and master bedroom. Made from the finest quality bamboo and seashells the durability and stability last more than expectations. 

Seashell pendant light fixtures are not only natural but they look very unique and innovative as per their styles. it’s time to lighten up and brighten up your room & kitchen with lamps made from dozens of elegant seashells. Pick from a wide assortment of pendant lights in a variety of shapes, colors, types, according to your room decor or theme. Browse from a large selection of options according to your chosen price range. Being a leading manufacturer of pendant lights, we strive to provide the best and state-of-the-art quality pendant light fixtures. 

Available in antique and various shades you will pick your ideal seashell style according to the interior theme of your room matching your mood. Suitable to adjust the length according to your ceiling height, these pendant lampshades are perfectly suitable for any kind of modern home decor. With a bamboo pendant light, a variety of shapes are there to choose from to revamp the entire decor of your living room, bedroom office, home, shop. 

With hundreds of colored hand cut seashells tied to the frames, this pendant lampshades works very beautifully in a modern house and also in a traditional one. We use the seashell pieces as our product as they are a natural material and leave a natural impression on the customer. 


Adorn your rooms with vintage bamboo suspension vertigo pendant light fixtures that not only change the entire decor of your room but also leave your guests awestruck. 

When it comes to the assembly the assembly is super easy as the wires are already pre-connected and come in various strands. All you need to do is just connect it to the ceiling wire box and hang the pendant lampshade. Make sure to check our order policies as installations can also be done from our end. If you want to save your time and money then it’s better to opt for easier assembly by using professional’s advice. If you want to fix the bamboo pendant light shade professionally without a doubt you can always reach out to our professional installation servicemen.

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  1. We provide 24/7 customer service as our professionals work round the clock. No matter the time of day just reached out to us as we are only a call away. 
  2. On-time delivery and durable materials are something that we are proud of. Our products come in a wide range of varieties to pick from, and the delivery is pretty timely. Our customers will not be kept waiting. 
  3. Prompt service and quick repairs are available. In case you face any kind of problem regarding the pendant lamp reaching out to our customer service experts will solve your issue right away. 
  4. When it comes to product quality, we provide the best in class materials and installation services. Simply try us to let us please you with our services. Head onto our contact details and get in touch with our professional experts right away. 

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